Android games have always remained every mobile phone user’s craving for the past few years. They have developed so fast and better than they have surpassed the popularity of the gaming consoles itself. the smartphone has been undergoing continuous development and has enabled game developers to give their best shot and contribute to the google play store. Play store offers many games for android, but they cannot be played without an internet connection. Check out android game offline download for free. This is the major challenge for gamers as it affects their gaming experience and thus resulting in limited players. Thus we have come up with a few android games that can function offline on your mobile phones or tablets.

  1. Racing games

Could it be the best way to enjoy racing along with fun and safety than on your phone?. And compete for your way to victory. You could opt to download Trial Xtreme4 which is an in-app purchase and requires a 4.0 and above android version. The game file is 23.9 MB and has been rated 4.2 out of 5 by the gamers. Hill climbing too is another racing game and comes free as an in-app purchase. The file size of this game is 19MB and has been rated 4.4 for 5 by gamers. The next on the list of the racing game is Red Bull Air Race 2. As the name suggests, you will be racing in the air with airplanes!. The game offers more than 400 races and other events for the gamer to participate in. This game is unique and has striking graphics.

2. Action Games

The most interesting games that you can find are action games. The gaming experience is much better when you can play without the internet. You could play Alto’s Odyssey that has great graphics and the no internet factor doesn’t affect its function. This game is brilliant with many places that you will visit along with Alto and his friends on a sandboard for adventure. Noblemen – 1896 revolves around the period of 1896 and is the fight of a Nobleman. Check out android game offline download for free . You will enjoy your team of soldiers, cavalry, gun team, airships, and many more interesting things. check out Ice and Fire – Dawn break and Dead rain 2 –tree virus too.

3. Adventure Games

the key ingredient for a good game is an adventure. Ninja Arashi is an excellent adventure game with great graphics and background music with action scenes. You could also check out other adventure games such as Sky Dancer Run, Jungle Adventures 2, Benji Bananas, etc.

The above are a few offline android games for you to enjoy. But don’t forget to check out the other games too. Check out android game offline download for free .With many people choosing game developing as a career, you will be able to get better games and gaming experience without the internet.

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