If you view yourself as more than a video game player – if you’re into knowing all about video game industry news, the development process, and the technology that goes into making these other digital and VR worlds possible – you’ll want to check out our list. The Best Video Game Blogs offer fascinating content for both casual observers of the industry, aspiring developers, and those in the thick of making their own games.

At CreditDonkey, we help consumers and enthusiasts find and compare the best service providers and products for their entertainment needs. With so many video game blogs out there, it’s a challenge to know which ones actually know what they’re talking about and which ones are worth your time.

We’ve found the best blogs that put gamers in the know while they recharge their VR set or give their wrists a break. Play on with CreditDonkey definitive list of best video game blogs.

  • Siliconera
    Siliconera digs deep into the world of videogames, with original content and features on little-known games you won’t find elsewhere.Why Siliconera is a Top Video Game Resource: Whether you want the big news from the major games publishers or want to read up on the Japanese releases of new JRPGs, Siliconera is your source for news. In addition to their daily content updates, they also bring their readers exclusive interviews with your favorite developers.

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  • ArmaBohemia Interactive is the developer behind popular games like the ARMA series and DayZ, and their blog is your source for the latest news on their projects.

    Why Arma is a Top Video Game Resource: Be the first to learn about new DLC for their games or check out developer blogs to peek behind the curtain. You can also visit the Bohemia Incubator from this site, where you can try out slices of experimental games their developers are working on.

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  • GoodgameGoodgame is the company behind free mobile and browser games like Empire: Four Kingdoms and Legends of Honor, and their blog features looks at their development process.

    Why Goodgame is a Top Video Game Resource: If you’ve ever wondered how mobile games come together, or how game developers work, you can glean some great insights from this blog. It’s a fantastic resource for aspiring developers, and even features a few tips for developing games of your own.

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  • La MolleindustriaLa Molleindustria has been crafting short, free, short-form online games since 2003, and their blog is a mix of product announcements and insights into and ruminations on the state of the industry.

    Why La Molleindustria is a Top Video Game Resource: Readers interested in topics like the state of VR and the politics of gaming will find presentations, podcasts, and articles they’ll love on this blog. Of course, they also offer plenty of fun fare, with looks at new and interesting games, fun and funny mods, and more.

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  • EVE
    EVE is a massively multiplayer online space simulation, and their community website is a resource for update announcements, user-created content, and more.Why EVE is a Top Video Game Resource: EVE is an incredibly complex, rich game, making this blog a must for new players looking to grasp the basics as well as old hands who want to see where the game is headed next. This site also features all the game lore you could ever need, as well as gamer forums where you can chat with fellow EVE fanatics.

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  • Noblemaster Games
    Noblemaster Games create strategy games like Age of Conquest IV for PC, Mac, Linux, and mobile, and their blog focuses on those games.Why Noblemaster Games is a Top Video Game Resource: Real-time and turn-based strategy fans will love this blog’s in-depth looks at Noblemaster Games, as well as the press releases providing regular updates on the state of their games. The blog also features contests, fun features on the history and development of Noblemaster’s products, and more.

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  • Big Fish Games
    Big Fish Games is a producer and distributor of casual and mobile games, and their blog is a resource for gaming industry news and articles, with information on everything from eSports to the latest gaming peripherals.Why Big Fish Games is a Top Video Game Resource: You can learn about gaming development schools, the history of games, and the game development process, among other things. Big Fish also creates their own games, and their weekly updates will keep you informed about the products they have available for you to play.

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  • UnityUnity is a top-tier game engine that powers games like Yooka-Laylee, I Am Setsuna, and Pokémon GO, and their blog is packed with information about the engine.

    Why Unity is a Top Video Game Resource: Developers looking for the latest updates straight from Unity itself should definitely bookmark this blog, which features tons of news and tutorials. Aspiring developers looking to use Unity to create their first game will also find tons to learn from on this blog.

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  • Nextwave Multimedia
    Nextwave Multimedia is the developer of mobile and web games and tools like Comicshead and World Cricket Championship, and their blog is filled with information and announcements about their products.Why Nextwave Multimedia is a Top Video Game Resource: Comicshead is an app that allows even those who aren’t artists to create comics, storyboards, and more for fun or for projects, making this blog a great resource for those who want to learn about an innovative presentation tool. If you have a VR headset, you’ll also find some stunning 360-degree videos here to check out.Read: Nextwave Multimedia at Casual Connect Singapore 2016
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  • Descendent StudiosDescendent Studio is the creator of Descent: Underground, a flight combat game, and their blog tracks the game’s development progress in detail.

    Why Descendent Studios is a Top Video Game Resource: If you want to track the progress of an original game as it’s developed, this detailed blog from Descent’s developers is for you. It also features updates for fans of Descent, as well as the occasional article on the state of games and other topics.

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  • Tiny Cartridge

    Tiny Cartridge is a blog specifically for fans of mobile gaming on handheld consoles like the Nintendo 3DS, PS Vita, and the Nintendo Switch.

    Why Tiny Cartridge is a Top Video Game Resource: Handheld fanatics should definitely follow this blog to learn about the latest major and indie releases, handheld gaming peripherals and other products, and more. They even have a podcast so you can download the latest handheld gaming news on the go.

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